Out of Africa

I did a volunteer program about 6 months ago while I was living in the UK.

It hapened a bit randomly. I was doing a work experience on a film and I was talking to my collegue about my idea of doing the EVS. He had worked with a british NGO so he told me to take a look on their website that they were doing a lot of project in Africa.

I remembered it few days later and it was the quite funny because it was 8pm and when I was browsing their page when I saw they were recruiting for a new scheme called ICS funded by DFID and the application deadline was the same day at midnight so I decided to give it a go, thinking nothing would come out from this but a couple of weeks later, I received an email saying they wanted to meet for an interview!

So I went. The selection process was basically doing group activities to see how you interact with other and then an individual interview.I didn’t find it difficult I understood fairly quickly what they were looking for. A couple of days later I got a positive email saying I had been selected! But I had no idea here I would go.

Out of africa

I remember saying I prefer to go in Africa ( you can also go to Asia) but that’s it.

Then I had a weekend of training with loads of other volunteers, some from different NGO. Because there are 6 agencies that are part of the scheme. It was really nice, it was actually crazy to talk to people saying “oh so where are you from? sweet, which country are you going? oh Africa me too!”

Just before the training I had an email saying I was going to Zambia.To be honest, I had never heard of this country before but I was really happy!

The whole process between applying to actually be in the plane took maybe 2 months so that was VERY fast comparing to other project. For example I am looking for EVS for about a year now and I applied for 4 project but it’s a completely different program anyway.Some Peace Corps volunteers I met while in Zambia told me the process take about a year or more.

You can find information about the scheme here.

What is ICS

Have you heard about ICS before? Have you done volunteering before? If yes how was the process to find a project?



A man cycling on the road near my house

A man cycling on the road near my house

I took this picture while I was in Africa, it’s one of my favorite even if the quality isn’t the best. I took it with a Diana so it explains it all!