10 flats in about a year

My guide of all the weirdos you might meet at some point while looking for a flat.


The normal one (I wish you to get this one)

This was my first flatshare in London. I think I was really lucky regarding the price and the location, the flat was quite new, so really comfy! I had to leave though because I found a job in North London and I was living a the opposite, South, so I had a 1 hour journey to commute to work. It could be more when I was finishing work past midnight or having a drink with coworkers so imagine…


The very cheap one but there is a reason for that 

So after I got my job I looked for something nearby. I was incredibly lucky to get the cheapest flat I ever had in London: 60£ a week between Highbury& Islington and Angel. I could walk to go to work! WALK!But this was temporary and something so cheap as its down side: my room was closet, the landlord not really serious. But the rest of the flat was great and the flatmates as well.


The friend’s couch

After loosing my job I stayed 2 more months in my cheap flat but I wanted to move out. My flatmates found a student to replace me before I had a room so some friends hosted me for almost a month! I was lucky enough they had a spare room and I didn’t pay anything. It was much further away but hey I was with friends and a roof on my head so what could I ask more?


The Camden flat 

I bet you all know Camden: the punks, the market, this special ambiance. Well I lived for a month in a flat with three Camden specimens: one was a punk that was working in a shop and a tattoo salon if I remember, the other one was gothic but can’t remember what she was doing. The last one was a young boy a punk goth transvestite. It was really nice atmosphere even though I barely met them. I had a huge room and living in Camden is really cool but this was a short term let sadly.


The worst plan ever flat 

Before moving out (again) I was going to France for a week. So I was trying to secure a room before going to move my stuff there and move in the day I would come back.

I had been looking for a while but nothing came up and I was leaving soon which was stressing me a lot. Finally I got in touch with this guy on gumtree he convinced me to visit the flat but already through the phone I found him a bit off. The flat was huge it was for one person and the price was really cheap for the space. I would stay for a month. The day before leaving London we arrange to meet so he gives me the key and I pay him the deposit. When I arrive he tell me he has to ask 50£ more for the rent when I told him my price limit already. I had no back up plan so I said yes. We didn’t sign any paper and I gave him the deposit in cash which was a huge mistake! Seriously DON’T do that ever.

What was strange is I was renting the room but he would come back sometimes and sleep in the flat. I didn’t felt comfortable with that at all. So after 2 weeks I said listen give me my money back and I’ll go. The thing is he wouldn’t let me invite any friends and he was really strange.

He insisted for me to stay. Finally when he understood I would go anyway, he gave me my money back. This ass hole stole 100£ from me. First he lied about the deposit I gave him. Then he said the flat was dirty when I spent two fucking days cleaning it so he had to hire someone. Then when I came to get the other half of my money he said he missed 30£ because he couldn’t get more from the ATM.

The worst part is I had a bad intuition since the beginning but I was so scared to not have a roof on my head I took what I could get and this is so wrong!



The one that lead to a friendship

Anyway after this I was going home for Christmas and stayed there a month or two. I decided to go back when I got an offer for some temping. I had to start somewhere right? So I found on a couchsurfing a let for a week. The flatmates were amazing so this actually lead to a strong friendship!

The week in a squat 

After that another couchsurfer hosted me. She was living in a squat which was quite interesting. I was doing a work experience on a shoot at this time so I didn’t mind it, spending 15 hours on set.About 10 people where living there and you meet some really special ones but overall I found them so friendly sharing everything, hanging out together, very welcoming.

The second worst plan ever but at least you learned something from the first one 

After this I found what I thought the best plan. I was renting a room to a guy and every week. I would say if I needed it for another week and we would extend our deal. This guy was weird like… Golum weird. Very strange. However, I didn’t pay a deposit and I was paying every week so I didn’t lose my money at least. But this guy decided one day he needed his room again so he gave me 2 hours to pack and go! The worst part is he knew that for a week but he had no balls so he couldn’t tell me through the phone, he preferred to wait to see me and kick me out the same day. I was lucky because the guy I befriended while in the other flat, came to help me carry my stuff and hosted me for a while!


The friend’s couch

After that I went back to France for a little while. I knew I was leaving for Africa so I had some stuff to prepare but I had to be in London most of the time. I thought I had a flat but finally just after I booked my ticket to go the landord said he made a mistake about the price so I had nothing.

But a girl I met on a shoot offer to host me. She was truly adorable and I stayed there 3 weeks before leaving.


Looking after an adorable cat

When I came back another friend who was working quite often outside London asked me if I could watch his cat while away. to be honest this is the best plan ever! The cat was adorable the place amazing! It’s a warehouse with the living area on the top floor. A bit far from Central London but so comfy and the neighbourhood very nice as well!

the working and living together This same friend needed an assistant on a shoot so this is how we ended up working and living together which I really enjoyed!


Back home

After that I went back to France and this is where I still am, trying to find another volunteer program to leave ASAP!

What about you? Any luck finding one good place?


Bosser sur des tournages à Londres, c’est possible!

Après 3 mois j’en étais au point où je savais ce que je ne voulais pas faire et donc je me suis finalement bougée en me disant  pas besoin d’enchaîner les tafs pourris lance toi dans ta branche tant que tu as des économies.

Ma branche c’est le cinéma.

Donc en gros bosser dans le cinéma à Londres sachant que je n’y connaissais rien. Enfin au cinéma un peu c’est ce que j’ai étudié mais le comment ça marche, se créer un réseaux, trouver un taf c’était une autre affaire bien plus compliqué.


J’ai galéré? Non mais absolument pas! finalement j’y suis allée pas à pas j’ai vraiment commencé au plus bas avec des job non rémunérés à aider des étudiants anglais pour leur film d’études, puis des jobs toujours non payés sur des trucs de plus en plus pros.

D’un coté c’est bien car j’ai appris beaucoup de choses et graduellement. Après ca a été très dur financièrement. Si j’avais su comment être prise sur un tournage dès le départ est ce que je l’aurais fait? je ne sais pas si j’aurais été prête finalement donc je ne le regrette pas, par contre je regrette un peu de m’etre plus laissé porté que d’avoir activement chercher, je trouvais les solutions un peu par hasard.

J’ai aussi constaté que mon anglais c’est nettement améliorer. Je pense que dans une branche plus spécifique il y  baucoup moins d’étrangers, donc on est plus en contact avec de vrais british.

Cela m’a valu quelques petites incompréhension d’un point de vu culturelle mais j’ai appris beaucoup sur les codes culturels quand j’étais en Afrique avec une anglaise! Mais ça c’est autre chose encore!

Et vous? Avez vous réussi à travailler dans votre branche à l’étranger et pas juste à Macdo (c’est une voie respectable aussi!)?

Don’t compare to others, you aren’t them

En français c’est ici

For my first travel abroad I went to England.

5 years later, I moved to London.

I had no plans, I was convincing my self and my parents I had one. The first month was hectic.

I found a flat in 3 days! This was the easiest part. It was a really good one, in Clapham very nice location and nice flatmates. The first of a very long list ( I had 10 flats in like a year but that’s another story)

I was so scared at the beginning because I read everywhere that it took ages to find a proper flat for other foreigners who came just like that.

On the other hand they said it was very easy to get a job.

foodHowever, that wasn’t exactly my case! Maybe because I met a lot of friendly people and I was more into going out and waking up late than looking for jobs. Also I was absolutely terrified of talking on the phone in English, I think mine wasn’t so bad but I couldn’t understand everything that what people were saying. It was quite ridiculous, I would rather not pick up a call from a friend and text him than answer the call. But after 3 months this horrid feeling vanished and now you can’t stop me.

After some trials and phone interview (yes!) I managed to find a job, just before I ran out of money. The interview went really well I was really relaxed maybe I was at the point I don’t care anymore and they called me  I got a job! IIt was quite cool actually. The team was nice to me. I was a sales assistant in a restaurant.

The issue was working in a restaurant has never been something I enjoyed. I find it actually difficult and almost humiliating. I just can’t handle customers, I find them easily irritating and I am not the kind of person that can pop up a fake smiling happy face in 30sec so it ended pretty quickly.

But then it forced me to think twice before I took another job as a waitress. After all I just graduated in cinema studies so I decided to get a job in my field and not go home without a penny. I don’t regret it! Plus now I know what I am not good at: serving food to Londoners!

And you? Have you ever tried to get a job abroad? Did you manage to talk on the phone? How did it work out?



The first time I “travelled” somewhere. Apart from family holidays, I think it was when I went to England for 10 days.

It was a gift for my 15th birthday, I was staying in a host family. They were so English, I was young and another French girl was with me. It was just the best holidays I ever had in my life, i loved it!

I fell in love with the country, the little houses that all look the same but with different colors, the English people I met.

It was my first time discovering a foreign culture and it’s how I got the bug. Now I can’t stop.



Mon premier voyage. A part les vacances familiales mon premier vrai voyage c’était en Angleterre pour 10 jours.

Un cadeau de mes parents pour mes 15 ans un peu à la dernière minute en fait. Je n’y pensais pas trop avant de partir. J’étais dans une famille d’accueil avec une autre française. C’était des Anglais typiques (surtout la nourriture oh lala…). C’était les meilleures vacances de ma vie, j’ai adoré, d’ailleurs le retour a été dur.

Je suis tombée amoureuse de ce pays, des maisons qui sont toutes les mêmes mais avec des couleurs vives, différentes, les Anglais que j’ai rencontré.

La première fois que j’ai découvert une autre culture pas si différente mais quand même étrange and c’est comme ça que j’ai chopé ce virus. depuis je ne peux plus me poser.