Who is this?


If you are reading this, it’s either because you know me or like to travel. If none of the above that’s also fine so maybe you want to find out more. I am in my mid 20’s and I have been living abroad on and off for the past 4 years.

This blog is mostly thoughts about my daily life abroad, what I learn, what the cultural shock is, the people I meet, the challenge I deal with. It’s based on my experience but it can also be general thoughts about travelling.

I like to stay in one place for a while to get into the culture if possible learn the language and do something there professionally. I live with the locals. Therefore I get a good insight of the culture, something the average tourist would not see because he doesn’t stay so long. I really admire Mike Spencer Bown, he is a bit my hero because he has been to all this wonderful places and stayed for an extended period! Plus he has a really cool attitude!

What is important for me is to connect with people. I found out the easiest way was to travel and just go for it. It’s like a short cut for learning. Also I like to talk and I analyze a lot so it depends how you see it some say I overthink things, I tell them I am a good observer ;)

Because I also think communication is important I want to share what I learn so other can use it or bring something to it. Writing is a way of sharing what we learn and connecting with each other. I hope readers will contribute as well.It’s a personnal challenge to be creative in the writing and the content.

I have of course many other interests, so you may find a couple of articles standing out and not completely in the topic. I don’t have a writing style, I just spill it out and hope it makes sense. Feel free to criticize if it’s constructive ;)

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