Life in Copenhagen

Exactly Four months in Copenhagen, here I am sharing what I experienced based on the tumblr check it out ;)

Yesterday everybody was out in Copenhagen!

First sunny day after the winter





I would also say it's the same when people speak to you...

When you study Danish for two years and are meant to understand the grammar



what is wrong with me

When I am on the public transport and accidentally make eye contact with someone (it happened to me, the person smiles and I had forgotten (FORGOTTEN!!!) how to react to that!)



Aren't we in Jylland already?

When you go by bus through Store Kongensgade during rush hours (I would rather say, when you take the bus…seriously get a bicycle)




Every time I open the mailbox and I find it full with crap even though I have pasted the Reklamer Nej Tak sticker. (ugggghhhh every time!…)




When you cycle in the opposite bike lane (I used to do it in Jylland…not anymore)



How I feel after giving free alcohol to Danes (just giving alcohol to them to be honest…)



When the train inspector tells you that your ticket doesn’t cover the zone you are travelling in and is forced to give you a ticket. Also Keep in mind those people are usually like robot, you can cry, scream, speak a random language they will not be moved by anything close to human emotions…



Danes know what they want.










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