Breaking the silence

Alright, today it’s time to write again. It’s as if I was caught in a dry spell the last few months but I didn’t write much. I don’t know why, sometimes I felt uninspired and some others, that I had so much to say I didn’t know where to begin.

I experimented a bit. Join this blogging 101 thing but it wasn’t for me I guess. And I move to Copenhagen.

That’s a big change and maybe I had less time to spend on writing too. I got a job (actually two), join Danish class, taking some volunteering job as well. It has been busy but I haven’t stopped looking at my surroundings, spying on the Danes and …just existing in a foreign land.

I also decided I will go back to study. I am in the process now of applying, but something with culture. Not art …but different cultures, how it affects us and something like that. I don’t know if I will stay in Denmark, or move somewhere else, maybe…go back to France (what?!?) everything is possible.

So here it is, I broke the silence and more articles will come. I have been doing a lot of progress in Danish so…you can expect to read on that soon :)


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