Miracles with Connie Pilgaard Nielsen

Connie Pilgaard NielsenYesterday at the school was Culture Club. Every Wednesday we have some kind of show. It has been mainly musician coming.

This time it was different, the musician who came Connie Pilgaard Nielsen is also a story teller but more important: a traveller! I didn’t know what it was all about but as volunteers we always come to see and record if the musician is ok with it. So I was taking pictures but not so many because I was really enjoying the show, while Helena was recording.

Connie’s story is pretty interesting. She is from Denmark and apparently as always been “weird” well, according to her family standard: making music, traveling…. After going to the “Burning Man” in the U.S (If you have not heard about it check it out, it is something I would had to my bucket list if I had one but I don’t believe in it…) she decided she needed to do something kind of…extreme, challenge her self. So She went back to the U.S for 3 months but the plan was to survive without money, just her, her guitar and creativity!

And it seems to be a pretty good experience, as now she share it with us through her music!

What was nice is she would talk to us about her trip between two songs. And tell us amazing stories!

Something that was recurring through her trip was this notion of miracles. And I think a lot of travelers that like to not plan and go with the flow can probably understand what she is talking about. You are in a situation, not necessarily desperate but you are in need of something and suddenly it appears, like your prayers have been heard!

This reminds me of something that happened with two friends when we decided to hitch hike from Amsterdam to Berlin. To be honest I would not recommend to do that because it seems that Germans don’t take hitch hikers! We didn’t know that…So we were stranded in a city we didn’t know (that most German don’t know either…) at night, without a clue to what to do and where to go. Going to Berlin wasn’t an option: too expensive for us and too late to get cheaper (and longer) trip.

So we walk out from the station a bit freaking out and my friend went to ask this guy if he knew a place where we could go to drop our bags et think about our situation like a youth hostel or a cafe. I don’t know exactly how it worked but basically we met up with his friends and they offered us a couch for the night! It was my friend’s birthday and she had an amazing night with these German students! They also helped us to find the cheapest way to go to Berlin!

I would have never expected that! It does make you feel like someone is “protecting” you and realise how many people are actually kind and ready to help you.

So that was a nice reminder, in any situation there is always something good that can happen you never know! Even if this kind of trip are scary, challenging, stressful, it really makes you appreciate what you get from strangers just being kind to you.

Plus Connie’s trip seemed incredibly amazing, inspiring me to do that as well! Maybe not in the U.S. but Scandinavia could be a good start…who knows…

So if you are in denmark I would definitely advise you to see her show if you have the opportunity! And if you, can go to Burning Man !!

Feel free to share any miracle you experienced while traveling!


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