No expectation!

This is my new motto since we had our first Danish lesson with my team mate Helena.

So because we currently are illegal immigrant (tomorrow this will be sorted because we will get our resident permit yeah! ) we don’t have a CPR number: without this your life in denmark is HELL: something as simple as getting the youth card for the train reduction you can’t do it here without this magical CPR number… I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask me next time I go to a restaurant…

In the meantime we started Danish lesson with the Global students. Helena asked me what I expect from this class, I answered nothing but she said “ahhh common don’t react like this (being so French negative!) at least we will learn Danish!”

So now you can imagine the look I gave her when the teacher said

Today in Danish Class we aren’t going to learn danish…


I also kind of gave up my idea of working with students however it seems that as soon as I gave up on something they come to me!

Things I gave up last week:

  • I will have no more expectation about having Danish friends
  • I will have no more expectation about having a CPR number
  • I will have no more expectation anymore about doing something I like instead of editing

Don't expect the sunAs you can tell I also don’t expect to see the sun for the next 10 months….

was also quite depressed you know, the project being everything but what is described, not understand why I have been selected…I don’t know if I will like it still but I came to a point giving it a chance anyway. I have my arrival training (training that is common to all EVS volunteers of the country) in October, so I can share my experience and compare with others and then see what to do.

To go back on my expectations, sorry absence of expectation, some crazy things happened:

  • The papers we thought lost to get this CPR number, arrived!
  • While having a beer with a teacher, he told me about this show they will have with the musical and oh who could help with costume and set design, really who could do that? Yes me I guess you can picture me jumping of excitment! Yes well nothing is set in stone but I have hope again in the Danish Human kind!
  • The most unexpected of my non expectations! Friday night we had like “Pub night” started at 8pm (so everyone passed out way before midnight). A Danish student came talk to us! No you are no dreaming: they are social! I was amazed! And so it opened the door of socialness in me again! Because the past week I had been kind of an ermite…not nice!
  • And the most incredible thing is now when we meet each other we still talk! Yes because you may not know but chatting with someone not sober at a party isn’t the best way to meet a Dane. First they will forget you and then it doesn’t mean they will acknowledge your existence in the future, so this is a huge step when you past the “will this person remember we talked before?” stage!

You have to understand one thing when you do an EVS: it will not be as it is suppose to be, but you should know if you travel or if you have a normal life because I still live in a dream that everything should be fine :) Silly me!


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