WTF am I doing here

French version

So It’s nearly two weeks I am in Denmark, and I don’t know how to explain but it’s WEIRD. Not the people or the culture, I knew it would be different but I think it was maybe not the best to go just after Israel.

It was good because I didn’t had to stay in France living at my parents (sorry but no…) However it’s hard to not compare and both situations are so different which make me miss the kibbutz life and my friends there even more!

For example, the fact that I have no friends yet. There are about 60 students here…. But I may go too fast so here what I am doing in Denmark: (even if I don’t really know my self): I am doing the European volunteer service in Denmark for 10 months. I live in a Folk High School and there are 4 Base camps for students: Musical, Acting, Youth with difficulties and Global. Some are only 5 months courses :Global and Acting and the rest until June.

On the paper I was suppose to come here to do activities with students and “document” the life of the school. Share my Frenchness and other stuff. I was very interested because I wanted to get involved more in Theatre so working with the Musical would have been great. Also they had mentionned a Film Base Camp so perfect to do Short Film and other cool projects. The down side is a lot of the things on the paper are not real! No Film Base Camp, no activities with students, no host family during the week end. So of course I am a bit disappointed. I didn’t had high expectations before coming though but I will do a job I didn’t expect and I hate editing so….

But the fact I miss the kibbutz so much and it’s so different here make it hard. I didn’t expect that the Danish students would be so apart from the foreign students! I understand in a way that it might be naive to expect everyone to come to you and converse in English, after all they are from here, they don’t ask for us to come so I have to make the first step but I can tell you it’s not easy when you have a big group of people only speaking Danish…So we’ll see what happens..

I take this as an opportunity to learn Danish even though Danes are the first to tell you, you won’t succeed :)…

In the meantime I can appreciate the amazing view from my window, summer won’t last!



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