Images d’Israel

It’s really hard for me to keep the pace and write regularly. First of all I doubt you would be interested to know every details of my every day life, like how do I cut the carrots when I am working in kitchen or how long did I stay at the pool the other day… I want to focus on topic that everyone can find interesting even if not living in a kibbutz and it takes time! One coming soon about volunteers, who volunteers in a kibbutz nowadays is a big question and one of the first people ask you when you are here!

And once you get to know more Israeli thousand of questions pop up in your head and there are so many subjects to write about!

In the meantime I want to share some pictures I took while here.

First This one is one of the first place I visited. We went on a hike to the Mount Meron which is the highest in the official borders of Israel. It was cloudy that day but the view was incredible!

Second and Third Our First day trip was to the Sea of Galilee. For lunch we went to another kibbutz that is right on the sea, Ein Gev. We also realised that we are lucky being in Bar’Am, spoiled kids really! However this is what the Ein Gev volunteers can enjoy everyday

Yes that’s us on the platform (well not me I was taking the picture…)

Fourth Here some volunteers trying to look as fierce as pirates, while we were sailing on the Sea of Galilee. Liora our coordinator made us a very nice surprise renting a boat with music and we sailed for an hour.

Last The view is terrific!

That’s all for now but I promise to be back as soon! In the meantime if you wish to read about any specific subject related to Israel feel free to post in the comment or contact me :)

Yalla bye!


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