Ready to Go!

Finally! Yes, finally, I am going again…MAYBE!

While I was in Zambia, I met many volunteers, two of my friends from the group went volunteering in a kibbutz in Israël, so you guess where I am heading next!

If everything is fine, in one month I’ll be in the plane to Tel Aviv! So how this works? Well both of my friends went there through KPC the organisation that do volunteer program in Kibbutz. IYou have to be fit to be able to work outside (for example agricultural work) and it takes about a month to do the paperwork. Then it depends availability of course!

So I sent my application this week end so very soon I’ll know if I can go and when, which is very exciting! I’ll be there for 3 months, so I will tell you about my experience there.


Another good news is we are approaching the next EVS deadline. Do you remember when I told you I was looking for a European Volunteer Service? Well, there is 3 deadlines to apply every year. Basically when you find an organisation, she will send the application for the 1st February/1st May/1st October. I sent some in February but wasn’t selected.

This time I applied for more projects (about 7 but I only applied to projects I can see my self doing, not to have more chances to go)So around May just before leaving to Israël, I will know if I have been selected!

Also, I started a group on Facebook posting about vacancies when people know them because if you are looking for an EVS, you know how the website is helpful regarding deadlines etc…it’s a shame because organisation receives tons of emails of people who just want to know when to apply and the people don’t necessarily get the answer! It would be nice if they can clear this point on the database at least! I think one website for application should be made but I guess it’s quite complicated to do?

So sometimes I receive questions about EVS, I thought I could answer them here:

  • Who should I contact first?  Well ideally it’s better to get in touch with a sending organisation first, they will give advices and they may know about vacancies you didn’t heard about. Plus it is mandatory to have a sending organisation, a volunteer can’t go on their own! So sooner or later you will need one. I found mine at the beginning, they support you, and they can also contact organisation for you (some can’t respond to each volunteer asking questions, but they will respond to their colleagues for example!). However, nothing stops you to look for interesting project on the database while you are waiting to meet your sending organisation.


  • I found a project but I have no idea how to apply! This happens, every time almost! It’s not really how, I guess it’s WHEN. What I did at first was sending emails, but i wouldn’t have any answers, or too late so the best is to call. It may be scary if you don’t speak their language or even english, but you have to try seriously it’s so really effective you have your answer in 5 secondes and they can give you advice about the application process. About the process it self, usually you send a cover letter and your CV before the deadline. Some organisation have very specific application deadline, for example for May, a lot of them are accepting application until the 1st of April and now they are selecting. A good thing to do is to check their website. There are also websites posting vacancies, check the list below.


  • I got a positive answer but I applied for several project, can I change my mind? Yes and No. I would say no. Once you are committed to a project you can’t keep looking hoping to find something better. So you can’t change your mind. However if something unexpected happened: a job offer, someone dies, you have an injury etc… if you didn’t fill any paper, it’s fine you call your sending organisation and explain you aren’t available anymore. However I don’t know how it works if it happens just before going, I guess it depends the reason.The sending organisation is the first to call in this situation anyway!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

You can check this links as well:

Write your Cv at EU format:



4 thoughts on “Ready to Go!

  1. Aequus says:

    It’s really great that you’re volunteering and easing the travel bug both at once! Are you in Israel now or still in the midst of preparations? I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures!!!

    P.S. Thanks for recommending Dead Set, it’s a really awesome zombie flick!!!


    • thefrenchiebug says:

      Hello you :)

      I am leaving in 2 weeks so I am still preparing everything but the visa is ready and the tickets are booked!
      I am glad you enjoy Dead set I have more to recommend you ;) a French tv show somehow related to living dead!


      • Aequus says:

        If your trip’s gonna be 3-months long, that means you”’ be in time for season 4’s premiere in October lol… what’s the name of the french tv show?


      • thefrenchiebug says:

        Ahah sort of…I’ll be in Denmark! I leave 10 days after I am back from Israel, see I really have the travel bug!

        The show is called “Les Revenants”, I don’t know if there are subtitles but if you can watch it! I am at the ep. 2 it’s addictive!


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