A need to go!

on the road

It’s been a week I didn’t post and actually the last one was an interview. however I had a lot of things I wanted to write but I want to take the time for some of them, like volunteering that need informations etc…

Anyway there is something I can share today and I think it would be nice if anyone who read this share their thoughts in the comments: I really want to go!

Where? I have no idea, but I feel the need to move. I have been staying in the same place since the 3rd of December, and I am back hom in France since september so I don’t really like this actually, I need to see something different!

I have been thinking then, where to go? so here the list of places I really want to see and stay for a bit:

Italy: well I have a friend there so that’s probably the next project on my list! No excuse

Berlin: i don’t write Germany because I want to go more specifically to Berlin, i have been there once but I think I have more to see there

Denmark: I can’t really explain it but my interest for Denmark is growing bigger and bigger everyday,( thanks to their amazing show Borgen maybe? I didn’t start the Killing yet because I know I wouldn’t have a social life until I finish the serie…)

India: I really really want to go to India and I have never been to Asia, but that would be a bigger trip to organise…

Thailand: All the friends I have, that have been there told me I had to go.

Israel: I heard about kibbutz and I hope having the opportunity to do it very soon!

and there are so much more….

So what is your list? I really consider working for a month (I would be so grateful to the universe to please give me a job! ahah) and then start with Italy for an indefinite period and who knows where it would bring me!

Let me know if you have any travelling project in the future!


One thought on “A need to go!

  1. French Madness says:

    Israel: I really would like to go to a kibbutz too. I had this idea few years ago but I never did it.

    India: I would love to go there. Take 6 months travelling around. With a spiritual aim.

    Costa Rica: I’ve heard about gold digger there and I now want to try!

    North Korea: It can seems strange but I don’t know anyone who went there and I want to check by myself but only for a couple of week.

    Mexico: That’s where I moved and I’m glad I took that decision.


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