Don’t compare to others, you aren’t them

En français c’est ici

For my first travel abroad I went to England.

5 years later, I moved to London.

I had no plans, I was convincing my self and my parents I had one. The first month was hectic.

I found a flat in 3 days! This was the easiest part. It was a really good one, in Clapham very nice location and nice flatmates. The first of a very long list ( I had 10 flats in like a year but that’s another story)

I was so scared at the beginning because I read everywhere that it took ages to find a proper flat for other foreigners who came just like that.

On the other hand they said it was very easy to get a job.

foodHowever, that wasn’t exactly my case! Maybe because I met a lot of friendly people and I was more into going out and waking up late than looking for jobs. Also I was absolutely terrified of talking on the phone in English, I think mine wasn’t so bad but I couldn’t understand everything that what people were saying. It was quite ridiculous, I would rather not pick up a call from a friend and text him than answer the call. But after 3 months this horrid feeling vanished and now you can’t stop me.

After some trials and phone interview (yes!) I managed to find a job, just before I ran out of money. The interview went really well I was really relaxed maybe I was at the point I don’t care anymore and they called me  I got a job! IIt was quite cool actually. The team was nice to me. I was a sales assistant in a restaurant.

The issue was working in a restaurant has never been something I enjoyed. I find it actually difficult and almost humiliating. I just can’t handle customers, I find them easily irritating and I am not the kind of person that can pop up a fake smiling happy face in 30sec so it ended pretty quickly.

But then it forced me to think twice before I took another job as a waitress. After all I just graduated in cinema studies so I decided to get a job in my field and not go home without a penny. I don’t regret it! Plus now I know what I am not good at: serving food to Londoners!

And you? Have you ever tried to get a job abroad? Did you manage to talk on the phone? How did it work out?


6 thoughts on “Don’t compare to others, you aren’t them

  1. thefrenchiebug says:

    That’s a quite accurate description of the English I have met :) I guess the cultural gap might not be as big between French and English, I just find them harder to read because they are so polite.


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