Today is Hitch-Hiking Friday!

Are you ready to put in practice what you learned from our previous video? I am heading to Copenhagen this week end and I am getting ready to encounter this!  

Our Europe

Originally posted on Daily life in Højskolen Snoghøj:
Wednesday evening  we had a very interesting Culture Club. Elena and Peter, two young Danes, spent one year travelling around 24 European countries…

The Perfect Hitch Hiker Position

Learn how to hitch a ride! Thanks to Emilia, Cecilie and Christoffer for this video :)

A blind observer

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a concert with a group of students,it was in the city where i was volunteering last year. I recognized some people i had met before,… Continue reading

The road less traveled or my EVS experience

Travelling is suffering? I was visiting one of my friend from the kibbutz that lives here in denmark and we talked about travelling one of our common passion. He had read somewhere that… Continue reading

Hanna in Paris – Le Sacré Coeur

Here follow the new adventures of Hanna in Paris, entering le Sacré Coeur!!

One year ago…

Exactly one year ago I landed in Tel Aviv and I was on my way to Bar’am. My flight was on the 6th at night and my mom called me like 3 times… Continue reading

Le plus difficile plus si difficile?

Il y a environ un mois j’avais écrit ici à quel point cela pouvait être dur socialement au Danemark. Je ne dirais pas que tout à changer mais presque. Déjà, j’ai changé, et… Continue reading

Runaway to Elsewhere

This week was quite nice! We had different activities happening in the week and new projects starting, also more socializing between Danes and International students. I also think of how it was when I… Continue reading

Le plus difficile

Cela fait maintenant un peu plus de 7 mois que je suis au Danemark. L’adaptation a été plus longue que je ne l’aurais imaginé mais je pense me sentir plutôt bien ici, en… Continue reading

Looking for Hanna…in Paris

During Christmas holidays, my friend Hanna from Sweden that I met in the Kibbutz came to visit me in Paris. And we started this…journey in video!

The yoghurt crisis

Today we had the weekly meeting we always have in the school on fridays. It was very nice actually, first we were sitting on the floor. I don’t mind chairs but I found… Continue reading

We have a tumblr!

If you do your EVS in Denmark I guess you can relate! ;)

Hello my middle name is confusion, I am from China

It’s 2014 and I am still in Denmark, unbelievable.  So I came back to the højskole in January on the 9th. I had training just before in Copenhagen which was very nice and… Continue reading

100 ans ce n’est pas tous les jours!

Aujourd’hui un article un peu particulier. Et oui aujourd’hui on fête un anniversaire! Celui de l’école où je suis volontaire. Mon école est spéciale (pour ne pas dire étrange mais bon ça c’est… Continue reading

Français, English….Dansk?

While traveling  I experienced a lot of things while discovering new culture and lifestyle. One of the most obvious is of course…language. I think my interest for language grew while traveling. I always… Continue reading

People are strange (or is it you?)

A view on the sea, a beautiful country, a new culture to discover how can you complain? After all this is what we all want when we travel, new challenges, new encounters, friends,… Continue reading

Don’t be rude to the cat, only the Danes!

This is what Helena told me after the day we spent in Odense. We were invited to meet other EVS volunteers of the area and visit the city. This day was much more… Continue reading

How I hitch-hiked your mother

Few weeks ago, I had a little surprise: Some students had an assignement: travel in Denmark for 2 days, with 200kr each, the goal being to meet people. One of a the team… Continue reading

Miracles with Connie Pilgaard Nielsen

Yesterday at the school was Culture Club. Every Wednesday we have some kind of show. It has been mainly musician coming. This time it was different, the musician who came Connie Pilgaard Nielsen… Continue reading

No expectation!

This is my new motto since we had our first Danish lesson with my team mate Helena. So because we currently are illegal immigrant (tomorrow this will be sorted because we will get… Continue reading

WTF am I doing here

French version So It’s nearly two weeks I am in Denmark, and I don’t know how to explain but it’s WEIRD. Not the people or the culture, I knew it would be different… Continue reading

Why did you decide to come here?

That’s it, I am not in the kibbutz anymore. Well at least not physically but in my head I am still there. This experience was really incredible, and I understand now why most… Continue reading

Images d’Israel

It’s really hard for me to keep the pace and write regularly. First of all I doubt you would be interested to know every details of my every day life, like how do I… Continue reading

Volunteer in Bar’am

So it has been three weeks since I arrived in the kibbutz. It’s in the North near Lebanon, I can actually see Lebanon from there (It’s crazy to think that I can’t cross… Continue reading


Je suis arrivée mardi à 5h à Tel Aviv. Mes premières impressions alors que je devais me rendre au bureau de KPC pour savoir où j’allais: -Le coté bâtis à la va vite,… Continue reading

6th May 2013

En français ici Monday I am leaving for Israel. My visa has been approved, my tickets are booked and I hope that I don’t forget anything while packing! I’ll do my best to… Continue reading

Ready to Go!

Finally! Yes, finally, I am going again…MAYBE! While I was in Zambia, I met many volunteers, two of my friends from the group went volunteering in a kibbutz in Israël, so you guess… Continue reading

10 flats in about a year

My guide of all the weirdos you might meet at some point while looking for a flat. April The normal one (I wish you to get this one) This was my first flatshare… Continue reading

Bon voyage!

Alexis part aujourd’hui. Eh oui il quitte notre cher pays pour un voyage qui commence par être matelot sur un bateau qui l’emmène en Amérique! Voilà un deuxième article de son cru, il… Continue reading

Bosser sur des tournages à Londres, c’est possible!

Après 3 mois j’en étais au point où je savais ce que je ne voulais pas faire et donc je me suis finalement bougée en me disant  pas besoin d’enchaîner les tafs pourris… Continue reading

A need to go!

It’s been a week I didn’t post and actually the last one was an interview. however I had a lot of things I wanted to write but I want to take the time… Continue reading


Alexis, c’est l’ami je ne sais jamais où le trouver, mais on arrive à se croiser. Parce qu’il est tout le temps à droite, à gauche, un coup à Berlin ou à Bruxelles… Continue reading

Out of Africa

I did a volunteer program about 6 months ago while I was living in the UK. It hapened a bit randomly. I was doing a work experience on a film and I was… Continue reading


I took this picture while I was in Africa, it’s one of my favorite even if the quality isn’t the best. I took it with a Diana so it explains it all!

Don’t compare to others, you aren’t them

En français c’est ici For my first travel abroad I went to England. 5 years later, I moved to London. I had no plans, I was convincing my self and my parents I… Continue reading

EVS or the chaotic process of finding a project

EVS, is the European Volunteer Service, and it’s an amazing concept. When I discover about it I was excited and thinking “This is so for me!” What is it? Basically, everyone between 18 up… Continue reading


The first time I “travelled” somewhere. Apart from family holidays, I think it was when I went to England for 10 days. It was a gift for my 15th birthday, I was staying… Continue reading